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November The 15th

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  • November The 15th

    I want to remember how I feel today

    My emotions have been everywhere

    It’s a little hard to say

    What’s really going on inside of me

    I wonder if

    The heart can feel so hard

    That it creates no emotion

    I still wonder

    How the heart works

    The mind affects it

    Use sense and sensibility

    Sense to feel

    Sensibility to think

    Use this key

    You’ll be okay

    I need to remind myself of this often

    I miss many people

    The old

    The new

    Many faces I want to see

    Many things I want to be

    I hope life plays out for me

    Fulfills every dream I seek

    And give me what I need

    In the end though

    Faith, Hope, & Love

    Are all I need

    And want…

    Thank you for reading this

    Personal I know

    How can poetry not be?

    It’s my key of expressing how I feel

    Even if it speaks too clearly

    And too honestly

    We all end up facing the same

    Life circumstances

    We’re human afterall

    On one Earth


    Just getting through each day

    Helping one another

    Hope we can learn to be a little more selfless

    I’m still young

    I have more to learn

    And earn

    The respect of others

    Trust and


    I got time on my side

    Better not waste it

    I will hold on

    Though I may miss you

    I continue to remember you too

    If I haven’t forgotten you

    You haven’t forgotten me

    We shared each other

    As one

    I shall let you go now my dear

    Have no fear

    I’ll always be with you near

    From the 15th of today

    To everlasting eternity

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    To have
    and hold dear
    and lose weaves
    the life all must wear.