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    What will the River Card Show ( c ) Glen Mitton 2020

    Caught while " shaking the proverbial bush "
    That's when evil likes to ambush
    Just as we stop to catch our breath
    It goes and conjures up death !
    This is a game of " Texas Hold 'em "
    The ante is , " who's got the biggest scrotum " ?
    We've already seen the felonious " flop "
    We know these " players " are in a " co-op "
    We see they're dealing off the bottom
    It's how they play it's not uncommon
    Pathetic paranoid and desperate
    Their chiseled chips are right off the template
    Other attempts were pale in comparison
    This hits it on " the head " of " evil sedition " !
    " And this is the political opposition " !
    " Wait till we get into some real aggression "
    I'm not saying we took our eye off the ball
    It was thrown at the back of our head that's all !
    As their sinister plot literally goes viral
    They hope we fold into a downward spiral
    We have a well seasoned poker face
    After all it's not a pot of " bouillabaisse "
    Fishy as this whole thing smells
    We have to remain calm as well
    We don't have to raise the ante
    We're not some reckless vigilante
    The thing that cuts deep into their " canard "
    They know we're holding the " Trump Card "
    No pun intended , it is what it is
    I'm just glad the deal is his
    What will the river card show ?
    Only God and the universe know
    We've been here before and will play with pride !
    Because " our table " is down by the river side !

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    Very Loud! lol. Good flow that led me thru, into rhyme and cultural reference. Personally, I don't much enjoy political poetry, but this is a bit more artful than just politics. Sort of demonizing, but I'm not sure what against what. Certainly I see a lot of myself in here. Thanks for sharing, no hate, lots of love. Peace as well!