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  • Colors

    Red for all the blood

    I’ve ever spilt

    As punishment for

    The way I felt

    Blue for

    All the tears I cried

    As each and every part of me

    Slowly but surely died

    Green for

    The calm peace

    Of the darkness that would soon

    Become a toxic release

    Purple for

    The hope I lost,

    How I found myself

    But at what cost

    Gray for

    The restlessness of my fear

    All simply because

    The demon whispered in my ear

    Orange for

    All my thoughts of dark

    No one ever could

    Find within them a hopeful spark

    Yellow for

    Each scar that won’t fade

    To try to escape

    This jail cell I made

    A rainbow

    Oh so very colorful

    That seems to never end

    The world is not so wonderful

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    I'll tell you what is wonderful PotterHead22807...seeing your name in the queue again! All my life a rainbow has been a sign of hopefulness and promise. You've turned that on its head with this litany.


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      You don’t seem to identify with a color that leaves you with a happy positive feeling, that’s sad.