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  • Virus Fun

    Does sneak Into each of Us,
    certainly can Cause a Fuss.
    Genetic Mess that Makes us Cuss,
    unwelcomed Guest is a Virus.

    Vaccination’s what we Want,
    inside Bodies a Détente.
    Think they’re Going ‘bout it Wrong,
    misery It does Prolong.

    Fight the Bad with One that’s Good,
    that’s the Path I think we Should.
    Brainiac’s combine your Power,
    save Us in this Desperate Hour.

    Create Bugs with Happy Faces,
    that replaces Sickly Places.
    Virus that Can tell good Jokes,
    make the Bad Bugs laughing Blokes.

    Wit advantage to Outsmart,
    get us Sick will fall Apart.
    Then the Cure will All be Done,
    Panic becomes Virus Fun.

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    The Western seaboard's under threat
    Just one case of virus, yet
    the U.S. Navy's edict says
    Jack Tars, in case they may abet,
    on return must stay afloat
    Face-timing for a fortnight.


    • #3
      Thank you. It sure seems that these little bugs are stirring things up.


      • #4
        A happiness bug would be one I wouldn't mind catching! I appreciate how you make things lighter, Bob.


        • #5
          Thank you - I really wish there was that type of bug for a lot of reasons and situations.


          • #6
            My favorite part was the third stanza, A virus that can tell jokes? haha! It is a fun poem, thanks for sharing Bobgrant.


            • #7
              Thank you for your comments. At 74 - I am in the age group of which this Covid 19 seemingly likes. I prefer a getting a Happy Virus.