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  • Show Me Your Eyes, Children

    She taught me how to see the world,
    But now I don't like what I don't see:
    The face I've known forever.
    What's to become of me?
    If I was ever any good,
    Or there was a chance that I might be,
    It started out as something
    That only she could see.

    Three rows of sprouts are crying now.
    They don't know what do.
    Don't you worry, children.
    The words she spoke were true.
    She said love one another.
    That's what will get you through.
    She still lives in each of us;
    I see her strength in you.

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    This is really beautiful.


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      Thank you, Paula. I usually don't like to write as myself, but I've found the need to a few times over the past several months. Losing Mom has been heartbreaking, but I'm remembering to be grateful for the time she spent with us.


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        Condolences... loss of ones mother really hits hard but reliving and sharing memories is a good thing


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          Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. Our family has spent much of the past couple of weeks remembering how much we love her. A short memoir she wrote covering birth through high school has helped. The grandchildren, especially, are intrigued by her younger self's opinion on moving (D.C., San Diego, NYC, Frankfurt), arguing with her parents about politics (Eisenhower vs. Stevenson), and boys (redacted).