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There were Three Blind Mice

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  • There were Three Blind Mice

    There were three blind mice who knew not a straight path,
    Scampering, darting, running serpentine routes,
    Trying to avoid the predictable wrath,
    From the ever danger of Farmer Dwight’s boots.

    Each ran fearfully for the sake of his life,
    Without beady eyes that see, what could they do,
    Seemed their mousy lives were constantly in strife,
    For in their dark world, nothing was in plain view.

    Vilely, in a moment of fiendish delight,
    They agreed it was prudent to hire a rat,
    With the Bubonic plague to bite Farmer Dwight,
    Then with their lethal foe gone, that would be that.

    At least, that’s what the comfy three blind mice thought,
    But what those little fuzzy rascals didn’t know,
    That the farmer’s wife had vindictively bought,
    An ex-alley cat by the name Torpedo.

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    Nice, this worked well -- I can not pull off humor too well with poetry, but some people--and you-- do it well. Along with the rhyme scheme and diction, it was a well rounded piece. I can see it on a few different levels. "hire a rat with bubonic plague" that's pretty funny... thanks for sharing, tigerman


    • tigerman
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      Thanks very much. I like humor.

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    I agree with amenOra . I enjoy new takes on old rhymes!


    • tigerman
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      I like humor and glad it brought a chuckle or two, perhaps.