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  • Thoughts of Summer

    Thoughts of Summer

    Quiet the fields of Camberley
    In the dew wet dreaming dawn
    Half light from the lazy sun
    Wakes the Sunday summer morn

    Munching cows, round eyed patient
    Assemble at the milking sheds

    Alarm clocks strident, ringing, calling
    Reluctant bones from goose down beds

    The electric driven orange milk van
    Humming down the village street
    “Lovely morning Mrs. Perkins”
    “Nice one, see you later Pete”

    Bouncing eggs in boiling saucepans
    Brown the toast and coffee smells
    Through the open kitchen windows
    The pealing fall of distant bells

    Red the peg tiled roofed pavilion
    Flaky white the old sight screen
    Farmer’s boy and country vicar
    Play the game on village green

    Tired eyes turn to English summers
    Loved ones smiles and gentle rains

    I curse the weight of pack and weapons
    Taste the dust of foreign plains

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    this brought me to a place-- both familiar and new. must be a word for that. it was a good read, thanks for sharing! very calm vibe to it, as well as the unique flow...


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      This poem I wrote when I was in
      Africa on the high veldt thinking of home.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment


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        Exquisite descriptions...felt I was there. I'd feel sorry for the time you lost while away...excepting that it brought this beauty to bloom! Thank you for sharing.