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How Often Do We Linger

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  • How Often Do We Linger

    How often do we linger in
    The vestibule of life,
    Not ready to embrace the soul
    We've taken for a wife?

    Nor bear the dread oblivion
    Of being who we are?
    Nor render well our willing part
    When we are not the star?

    Ah, Valentine! This day of love
    Behold what you have wrought!
    And seek within the love you have
    The love you long have sought.

    For love loves not illusion,
    Demanding what is true:
    That underneath your greed and lust
    You need her love for you.

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    Hello Sanusense! I thought the fourth stanza was good, but it seemed disjointed from the other ones particularly. Maybe my ear or eyes caught it wrong, but that was my initial impression. Thank you for sharing, and welcome, if you've not been welcomed before. Peace