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Warsaw September 1944.

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  • Warsaw September 1944.

    The woman lights the last candle
    Measures time by the stub of wax
    How long before the rats grow bolder
    Waiting in the fringe shadows
    How long since they bricked the sewer
    How long since the infant’s last whimper
    How long since her breasts ran dry
    ”Wait Minka, we will return”
    Echo drops on the floor of slime
    The flame of sanity, burning lower
    She rocks the covered bundle
    Sings a remembered lullaby
    W górze tyle gwiazd,
    W dole tyle miast.
    Gwiazdy miastom daj¹ znaæ,
    ¯e dzieci muszą spaæ...

    So many stars above,
    So many cities below
    Stars are giving signs to cities,
    That children must go to sleep!

    After the failure of the Warsaw uprising in 1944 the survivors hid in the underground sewers, some erecting false brick walls to avoid the SS, who blew up the sewers