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  • Gateway of the Fae

    asylum in the thirteenth gate

    buried in her personage

    the silent lands of death

    the victim of the wonderless

    with spite as barrier, untouched.

    the face of beauty wrecked.

    what is the voice that sounds

    the rattling chains of my youth

    come from below the earth,

    to bounty what was never mine

    and hurt me all the same:

    with loss, a trick, you call gain

    to keep me here, in dark in vain.

    and while I tarry in this world,

    to take a perfect step grounding,

    as I open with my heart, here.

    this gate of death and life,

    made with such wonderful light--

    the liquid of our memories cold,

    the statues of our yesterday gone.


    and what music keeps playing,

    o what little figures keep dancing?

    too much of this noise makes

    the prone and accidental clash;

    and intention with intension mesh.

    so conclusion, an age old mystery,

    doubts not of its own issuing,

    made to recover more than can be,

    made of summer, the summergreen leaf.

    so this is where i find

    asylum by the thirteenth gate;

    all that's left keeps dancing.
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