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Thru Salted Tears

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  • Thru Salted Tears

    Thru Salted Tears

    I was King, she was Queen in a land of Pearls.
    Science, Art and Reason were gifts we gave the world.
    Over 10,000 years, we ruled with tolerance
    while the rest of the world was bathed in ignorance.

    One day over the horizon, the Ocean Devils came
    and our world and our lives would forever lose their Fame.
    Lies and deceit they used without care
    and their weapon of submission was one called Fear.
    Chained to the ship and bolted to its floor,
    I almost perished at Death’s dark door.

    They sold my mammy and sold my pappy,
    sold my sis and her two kids.
    I stepped up on the auction block.
    The man said “Sold” to the highest bid.

    I picked cotton and tobacco and peas and corn
    in the sun, twenty four seven, and dreaded the dawn.
    Some were hung. Some were shot. Some were boiled in oil.
    Some just gave up and fell and vanished under soil.

    When men breathe Gold and Silver
    and inhale those smells of Power,
    the wind of Reason chokes
    and distils a poison sour.

    No longer are they Christian.
    They’ve forgotten friend and brother.
    Now, Gold is God and rules the day
    that enslaves one man to another.

    I grimaced and wiped the sweat from my brow and from my face,
    knowing this inhumanity to man would one day about face.
    Thru salted tears I visioned Africa, my heart, my land, my home
    where I was King and saw my Queen on top a sapphire throne;

    where sunbaked Pyramids on glistening sand
    testify the endurance of God in Man,
    where temple priests of rank and file
    poured knowledge in our minds on the banks of the Nile.

    The maternal Love in the eyes of our Sphinx
    was civilization’s progress watched link by link.
    These are but a few in our Chain of Fame
    when over the sea the Ocean Devils came.

    And ‘tho Time chews events and men then swallows,
    It digests the pasts of great tomorrows
    while gobbling the morsels off future trays
    and the crumbs of magnificent yesterdays.
    So know that the genes that did make me
    and the ones that now make you
    are endowed with survival strategies spanning
    thousands of centuries true.

    For I am the ancestor anchored within
    speaking heart and mind and sanity
    that one fight is the death of all attempts
    to dwarf our Humanity.


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    Wow, so varied. I loved the places you've taken me, and that ending was quite inspirational. This flowed well, Loved the story-like qualities. Thanks for sharing Namyh


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      AmenOra - Mighty happy to hear from the one and only AO. Thanks for enjoying this poetic drama, part and parcel of what historic penalty made this the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave". How easily we forget. Namyh