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Ode to contrition

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  • Ode to contrition

    Ode to contrition

    In a cold grave, deep beneath the sea

    You'll find a silence that can set you free

    Where you'll find a sensation of which you have no control

    Where happiness and fear cross paths

    And it will scar your soul

    And become a wound, which of pure wrath

    You will scratch until it’ll bleed

    And you are left with a choice

    Either you run or you concede

    The next thing you know, you'll soak in a salty rain

    Where you will start to wane

    Eventually nothing will make sense

    And you'll look at the world through a telescope lens

    Guided by lights, your desolate soul will soon find it's path

    But as you start to fear the repercussions

    You'll become full of anguish fueled by your own wrath

    Like litter in your mind

    That makes you see a false reality

    All confused, you'll start to face insanity

    And it will make you blind

    Because you are abused by your own sanity

    When the sound of your heartbeat drives you mad

    You will try to keep on going even though you lost the direction that you had

    Trying to escape reality, you discover only loneliness and fear

    And loose everything you hold dear