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  • Lost My Phone

    Lost My Phone the other Day,
    truly Gone to my Dismay.
    Put myself Into a Snit,
    hassle Just replacing It.

    For some Help I sought my Spouse,
    swear I brought It in the House.
    Won’t you Help me search Around,
    might have Dropped it On the Ground?

    She said, “Sure I’ll lend a Hand,”
    not the Help that I had Planned.
    Said with Smirk – a “Smarty Pow,”
    like the One you’re holding Now?

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    I could write one like this about my sunglasses...or keys...have been caught holding one or the other while wondering where I left them. How does this even happen to us?


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      Haha, very good! I'm pretty sure my daughter can relate because she's always "finding" it!


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        "Talk to the hand,"
        just to remind
        here is what
        you look to find.

        Pulling up the right mental image helps
        sometimes one can look at things and just not see.
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          This wasn't my first time with this experience - just the latest and the first time with my phone. Thank you for the comments!