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How To Disappear

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  • How To Disappear

    When the pain

    Becomes too much

    And you feel yourself breaking

    All you need to do

    Is to disappear Into nothing

    And follow it

    When the voice

    Gets too loud

    For you to fight back

    All that’s left to find

    Is the broken piece

    That you lost

    When cutting and scratching

    Isn’t enough anymore

    To save you from yourself

    All you have to do

    Is let go

    Of that hope

    When every part of your body

    Feels like dying

    And you know there’s nothing you can do

    All you have to do

    Is listen

    To its pleas

    When the darkness

    Begins suffocating you

    Drowning you in self pity, and lies

    All you have to do

    Is give up the struggle

    And take your last breath

    When they’ve taken it all

    Every color, every happiness

    And every memory of joy

    All you need to do

    Is disappear

    Into darkness

    When your mind

    Becomes a toxic place

    Filled with cuts, and pain

    All that’s left

    Is to end it

    And put yourself at peace

    When it’s all gone

    And you feel empty

    Nothing left to give

    Don’t push any further

    Just let go

    And beg yourself to die

    When you can feel

    Death approaching

    And beaconing for you to come

    All that’s left

    Is your brokenness

    So don’t fight it

    Just let go.


    I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. But dispute that I’ve actually been writing a lot, I just didn’t feel my poetry was good enough for anyone.

    - PotterHead

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    So glad to see your name in the queue PotterHead22807. I've been a lot less active in the zone myself, so understand how that can happen. As for not being good enough for anyone? Not to worry. I don't see anyone around here judging.


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      And beaconing for you to come
      But dispute that I’ve actually been writing a lot

      I would guess both underlines are typos
      and should be beckoning and despite.
      To echo RLW, Glad to see you again
      Your poetry is quite good enough,
      though perhaps its subject
      matter is a little bleak.
      We have to hope
      it's not the way
      things are
      for you.
      In life sometimes,
      the sun shines.


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        I had thought 'beaconing' worked well, actually, myself! It is hard to enjoy a poem with such pain, and yes, it's there to remind us of that shining light, a reason to remember, and personally this hit much too close to home. However, I thought the repetition was nice, sort of a chant. I liked the staccato beats of the shortened lines, I thought it worked well. As for the subject matter itself, hope it's the case where the writing's a way of coping. And not true to life, I guess.
        Well thanks for sharing and coming around again, nice to see you PotterHead.


        • Johntee
          Johntee commented
          Editing a comment
          I hesitated when I typed because it does work well, and if intended, more poetic in its light.