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    Orion, with your stabbed out eyes,
    do you swim through the trail of blood now?--

    Where once upon the surface you've let
    Down your feet, every little single step carried
    You who loved the Hunt, and your two dogs,
    Where the ocean swells in tidal currents,
    Where the moon smiles, willing or unwilling.
    But all the same, always watching. She hones
    The stone of midnight, unmoving,

    And with grace that seems like growing flowers,
    Pits time against time, and lets them grow from her,
    From thigh to hip, from lip to cheek, chained,
    Linked. Lets her hair drop, combs the waves,
    Feels a child drinking in these beautiful rays,
    Wonders what it's like to have claws and swim,
    Feeling the currents.

    As he comes down with his message,
    With his rage, and the waves tossing,
    He dares her to hit that speck way out there,--
    And she was just so enchanted!--She goes
    To throw that stone, to hit the speck,
    And Orion fell, O fell to his own death.
    And in his pity God decided to put him back
    Up in the heavens where he would stay,
    With his dogs and his belt and the Hunt.

    Orion, with your stabbed out eyes, trying to swim,
    The blood leaves a trail. It's all the ones you killed.
    Orion, with your passion for the hunt, to be hunted now.
    As you can never again look down, but are seen
    As that thing which distance makes,
    The fogginess of a fading sky in my dreams,
    With the studding of stars far away blinking.

    Orion, carried away through the sky, over the waves,
    what have you left now to find?
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    Powerfully written...feel as though I've had a bit of an astrology a welcome way.


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      Oh Orion, unfounded by Scorpio,
      or was it Artemis' twin brought you low?
      Either way, cast blind to immortality
      shadowing fortune in the winter sky
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        Thanks you guys, I wasn't so sure this was a good take on the myth. Funny I write it as winter comes to an end, yes.
        To be honest I still plan on picking this apart on my own and deciding what it actually means in the scheme of things, I just drew on the info I got and what experience I had of the lore.
        Peace, and thanks again for sharing your impressions!