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  • My Soup du Jour

    My Soup du Jour ( c ) Glen MItton 2020

    Really ! , an unfortunate outbreak on the opposite side of the world means it's adios economy ?
    Well let's break out the violins in the " suckers-r-us " symphony
    My sonar senses are telling me something is askew
    After all there still is that #1 pesky nasty killer flu !
    This is the price we pay for cheap goods and it's wrath
    Seeing we agreed to take the " dependence on others " path !
    Talk about a lame duck ( us ) who is being assaulted deliberately !
    Is this interruption another attempt to take us out geographically ?
    Think about it if we can't survive on our own for , let's say four weeks
    We have more problems than a virus to worry about because our future is bleak !
    Perhaps this is just a way to get out of a trade deal we signed ?
    That one party is unhappy and wants to renegotiate alter and realign
    I wouldn't put it past anybody in this vicious conniving world
    The evil ones are more than happy to unite and unfurl
    I hear this virus has been around for a year maybe more , who knows
    If we have to rely on their evil truth well there goes the show !
    Yes ! , stop all flights departing from infected areas that makes good sense
    Not to mention it's in everybody's best interest for DEFENSE !
    Gee I hope I don't die before I pay my taxes
    That's just me getting in some sarcasm practice
    Maybe this is God stepping in and giving us a fact
    Maybe just maybe we shouldn't be eating bats !

    " Oh waiter does that soup come with extra wigs ? mmm delizioso " !

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    I wonder what we eat in the US that folks around the world would consider distasteful? Where do you go in China so the germs don't spread? I've never been, but hear it's heavily populated.


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      This was my dig to the connivers out there who want to destroy this Country with panic and lies.. I do think precaution is the best insurance out there . As far as eating bats, The only true flying mammal out there, I think they're awesome and I don't mean that with sauce However the first sign of trouble then deal with it .tradition or not . Do a little research and help the people .That being said I'm up for trying new things , heck if it smells good I'll try it , Thanks for the comment

      Ps The only thing we eat that others might consider odd is maybe a " Hot-Pocket "


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        So they eat bats,
        let Dracula take a hike
        and not so long before we'll
        enjoy a crunchy insect snack,
        or so we're told, as all the earth's
        humanities are overwhelmed by lack.
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