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    "Beta Lib"

    you gave birth in the sky,
    and set up there like a ruby
    burning through with light.
    O Virgo, opposite you--
    the fallen, tempted.
    my eyes catch vague
    darkness, and my heart
    against the entirety
    breaks,-- a broken wave.
    I think it's better
    blinded and blindfolded,
    holding up
    scales instead of a sword.
    For my thoughts
    are the wind of forever,
    and the end
    I portend, holds with a claw
    the destiny of all.
    while everywhere, blind,
    there perfect love moves,
    and I know
    somehow 'how',
    which is enough, now.

    the dark void
    of your birth yawns
    as a plasma,
    exudes a shadow
    flying and vaporous
    and I think long
    holding up scales
    blinded by night
    and my blindfold.
    i have heard
    the story they tell,
    watched fall
    that sorry star,
    a picture of us
    burning to cinders.
    i went to reach
    high up in my grasp
    something real,
    and dropped down
    here with the weight
    of the dark
    in my heart
    which isn't mine,
    yet I love still how
    everything makes it
    through the gate
    at the end of the street
    where I knew
    you'd be waiting.
    waiting like I wait now.

    O Libra you saw,
    and now what was
    what is, what's to be,
    haunts me because
    I saw the same thing.
    now I'm
    frozen in the sky,
    now I'm
    beyond the ice, too.
    O Libra, without falling,
    such grace
    betides our own
    inner peace;--
    broken shackles
    open to shadows
    lit and fused
    with endless light.
    light you cannot see now.

    in that sky, a child,
    a baby and the mother.
    in the world, of cause,
    the truth and its lover.
    somehow you made it
    all the way to me,
    child, grown up, free,
    bringing such as this,
    a light that doesn't burn,
    a boon from the stars.
    Magi you've fallen,
    bright star you've fallen.
    on the ground my sin,
    shadows of what lived.
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    Your words have a hint of the magnificent. I had not realised how much I missed your work which seems also to have found a new calm. I loved reading this thank you.


    • amenOra
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      Hey there, good to see ya friend. I updated it a bit, wrote some more and shaped it up. Thanks for coming by.