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    Tell the Babies

    - Tell the babies that the blood which flows in their veins today
    built the Pyramids centuries ago with stones from the Earth.
    Tell the babies that the genes that make them who they are
    created writing and education when the rest of the world was
    bathed in ignorance.

    - Tell them that the voices who whisper are the ancestors
    anchored within echoing, even as they sleep, to build the next
    great tomorrows like were built the last magnificent yesterdays.

    - Tell them that they are required to rule and before they can
    must first rule themselves with knowledge that resists any
    attempts to dwarf their Humanity or make them tumble from
    pyramids of thought to gutters of mind.
    - Tell the babies that the ancestors left them a living legacy
    testifying that they were designed for accomplishment,
    engineered for success and somewhere in between was
    dropped an endowed seed of greatness by the Almighty
    Architect to let them know that there is a hero within.
    - And then, don’t forget to tell yourself !


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    Great writing, N

    Like a surfer's incantation, gathering
    waves to cast me gasping,
    beached, then, only then,
    my cynicism's reborn.
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      Preach it, Namyh . That's the only way we learn.
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        Johntee - Mighty happy you stopped in for an incantation, a splash and a gasp. No scribbler could ask for more. Thanks J. Namyh


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          RLW - Very happy and proud you came by for the sermon. New classes start Monday at 9AM sharp. LOL. Namyh
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