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    Rhyming seems to Run my Life,
    not a Fan is my Wife.
    I don’t Have no Real Defenses,
    Unintended RhymingQuences.

    She asks For a Glass of Water,
    I bring Her our Red Fly Swatter.
    Got her That big Bag of Chips,
    not Her ordered Weather Strips.

    Suppose to Fix the Leaking Sink,
    I replaced the Printer’s Ink.
    Went to Store to Get some Eggs,
    wanted Hose for Shapely Legs.

    No excuses Some might Say,
    brings Me trouble Everyday.
    “Get this Fixed you Cannot Hear!!!!!!!”
    “Sure I’ll take Another Beer.

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    I'll drink to that! Prost!


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      Have you had a similar experience? I’m stubborn on the hearing aid thing.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
        Editing a comment
        Both Pat and I are feeling the effects of hearing loss. It's almost as comical as your poem suggests. We've not actually checked into getting hearing aids yet, but I feel that day is fast approaching.

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      I will probably have to get them as well - putting it off as long as possible.


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        Hearing Aids just Jack the Tone.
        Pump up the Volume
        from tinnitus to tintinnabulation.
        Cochlea to stereocilia,
        when they're gone they're gone!
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          True - thank you!