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    You will not take a hint
    Of your carbon footprint
    You said it can’t be so
    As you wear stilletto’s

    Although so well heeled
    CO2 revealed
    Added into the air
    Because you put it there

    Buy single use dresses
    Temperature progresses
    Every outfit wow
    Pageant here and now

    Suits you sir says tailor
    A trouser retailer
    To profit is a tie
    Prophets of change no lie

    In climate of fashion
    Fill wardrobes a passion
    Our needs to adorn
    Vanity we must warn

    With every new outfit
    Can bet your shirt on it
    You cannot skirt around
    Climate thread looms unwound

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    This is a new way to approach a much debated topic. Clever, Jon.


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      Targeting sackcloth and ashes?
      No need,
      the World's
      a missile homing at full speed


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        Suppose there are two similar women - both in appearance, and wealth, and age, they differ only in one - one has a dress from Versace, and the other does not. Guess which of these women makes love more often?


        • Parkinsonspoet
          Parkinsonspoet commented
          Editing a comment
          probably the naked one without a dress