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Dead men still at war

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  • Dead men still at war

    Dead men still at war

    men of love
    prisoner’s of wars
    from the north african plains
    to the vietnam shores
    no ambition say’s son in law
    love for life, family neglect
    great and grand
    latter children never saw
    smile’s as wide as montana. Maybe a washington sky
    hellen, stepanie and thomas tried
    never asked why
    duke came along
    stole and broke the virgine prize
    vodka of poland, german the beer
    what kept us alive
    seventy plus years?
    Acting as war songs sung
    silhouettes, beautiful souls
    inside selected vacant skin
    visions as the inocent hung
    simple became complicated
    for the living to decide
    so the dead made the decision to even the score
    that’s why the dead men
    will always be at war

    the second