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  • innocent

    Did you ever think that hypocrisy starts at the “church”
    You know the building the outward appearance of a church

    Did you ever think it is just all bullshit
    The entrapments of laws and regs that really miss the mark

    There is an enternal living spark

    What is this guilt I feel for leaving four walls

    And the dead line up in halls
    To receive the Hostie
    The flesh that is and was but can not be eaten
    Only remembered

    The web wieved tighter and tighter with the
    Twist of an interest rate hike
    Looking for work further down the pike

    The president goes to church and his generals are stars
    They pray to bless Amerika
    While more poor slaves just starve
    Or lanquish in the dead zones where the pollution goes.

    So preach your contra sex and moral assholes high
    Raise your flag in red white and blue
    While the young learn to hate the other side
    Paid psychos and shrinks waste away hours
    To learn how to get into your mind.

    Do you think you just as might find the disciples
    In the midst of addictions and brothels
    With the well watered wine
    Where dark races are fine
    Arabs Krauts Spics Catholic babble
    When the church apostate went down the Trinity road
    Making a new god for money power and worship itself
    Jesus now is an excuse to kill the heathen again

    Where is God the father where has he been hiding
    As you leave Grace in the dust
    Leave the True words to rust
    And puke up your hypocritical judgements
    When you already have been judged!
    Innocent by the Blood