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    Inside the working mind at fifty years and more
    Time to find peace and not set the score
    Too high for the time left at hand
    The autumn becomes winters land

    Brown and tan become the stream that runs
    The leaves that die
    The small creatures who sleep
    Their sorrows as days grow short

    No more winter sports they learn
    And no more mountains to climb

    As calcium coats the joints and even the spine

    Working feverishly around the fire light
    Trying to find more in the last warm night

    One more love one more sight
    Of the Eldorado in memories

    Meanwhile there is work to do

    The time it takes to tie a shoe
    And find the blurry laces
    That merge with faces in the pavement below

    I find the vessel is motley and hopeless

    And work will go on without

    One rabbit on the run

    In the snow

    Lay down

    Your work for the next
    One to come to town

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    Wow!! It's amazing... How creative you are. I am really appreciating your creative mind. What beautiful words are those? It's really impressive. You can proud of yourself. Keep writing this kind of poem. And thank you.
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      Timely retrospective. Nicely imaged.