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  • My Son

    Sitting here by your baby bed,
    Many thoughts going through my head,
    Praying God protect you from harm,
    Yearning to hold you in my arms.

    Go to sleep, my dear infant one,
    Long way to go, life just begun,
    Beyond today lies many feats,
    May God direct in all you seek.

    Go to sleep, my fine little boy,
    Day coming fast to forego toys,
    And depart your sheltered childhood,
    Tend you all the way if I could.

    Go to sleep, my young teenage lad,
    Hear words of wisdom from your Dad,
    Grow up strong with moral fiber,
    Trust in Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Go to sleep, my spent adult son,
    Your long hard trek will soon be done,
    Normal life has been hard to reach,
    God free you from angsts, I beseech.

    Sitting here by your first picture,
    A healthy child; now dire stricken,
    Will always wonder through the years,
    Pondering why and shedding tears.

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    A loving tribute tigerman . I pray the writing of this piece brought some comfort. Peace in your sorrows.


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      Tigerman - You grabbed me with this heartfelt work. Time comes and goes so fast. Thanks a lot for the share tigerman. Namyh