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Reality can Be a Bitch

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  • Reality can Be a Bitch

    Reality can Be a Bitch,
    need at Times to Make a Switch.
    Even for a Little While,
    Worries given Up for Smile.

    Like a Sprinkler in the Heat,
    don’t Last long but Really Neat.
    Think of Something truly Silly,
    Humming Bird stuck in your Chili.

    Imagine Elves at Christmas Time,
    getting High in Greenish Slime.
    Spiders on large Flower Pots,
    sporting Rainbow Polka Dots.

    Lion up on Mountain High,
    eating Grits and Cherry Pie.
    Riding down a Crooked Road,
    on a Bike – a Horny Toad.

    See a Snow White Polar Bear,
    dancing In his Underwear,
    diving In a Swimming Pool,
    with a Three-eyed Orange Mule.

    Take a Moment to think Silly,
    let your Mind go Willy-nilly.
    Spend some Time on Silly Stuff,
    Reality’s back Soon Enough.
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    Playfulness...and an imagination like yours...will keep you youthful forever! Thanks for sharing your view of happiness! Happy New Year to you and yours, Bob!


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      Thank you! You have been the very best!!!!!


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        There should be a cure for too much Testosterone - either real or fake.


        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
          Editing a comment
          It reminded me, in spirit, of Jabberwocky. Everything all cattywampus, but clear enough for the one painting the picture. It also belies the 'men are from mars and women from venus' myth - I feel I understood perfectly well what you meant to convey. And it makes me smile.

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        Thanks again!


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          Testosterone antagonist
          an answer to
          your quick quipped wish
          plays badly with the
          "Life's a Bitch"
          desires of a hedonist.


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            Thank you!