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  • BobGrantKC
    RhymeZone Forums was extremely important to me. When I joined the site – in April 2016 – I was truly humbled that so much talent would accept a Simple Rhymer. However, a few months ago I decided to pull away due to – what I felt – was an abundance of SPAM postings and comments.

    Recently, I was asked to become a Moderator to assist the other Moderators – and Administrators - in combating these SPAM postings and comments. It was my honor to enthusiastically accept.

    I pledge to take the time to review the site daily (multiple times) and take appropriate action when necessary. I thank you for your contributions, and if you are considering withdrawing your talents – or have already done so – I sincerely hope you will reconsider.

    My email address is [email protected] if you have any concerns regarding material posted to RhymeZone Forums.

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  • Andrea_La_Rosa
    Wanting to die
    Being satisfied by the color red
    My eyes filled with dread
    Feeling dead inside
    Numbness takes over my body
    Making me escape from the light
    Agony is all I feel
    Devil giving me a good deal

    (sorry if this is bad, I tend to write this at night while feeling down)

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    commented on 's reply
    I join Johntee in that sentiment...welcome to the zone and keep writing Andrea_La_Rosa!

  • Johntee
    Reading 4am,
    In the absence of RLW
    who bids all "Welcome"
    may I say please
    come again

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  • Andrea_La_Rosa
    started a topic 4am thought

    4am thought

    You are the one that causes me the ultimate bliss
    Without you
    I feel like I'm falling into the dark abyss
    Our fathomless conversations are gone
    Isolation is what I'm dwelling on
    Staying up till dawn
    Knowing that you're gone
    Falling into pieces
    In a cycle that never ceases
    I'm slowly fading
    Waiting for someone to save me