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  • His Masterpiece

    “A masterpiece by Jove!” Well, so, said he.
    His tour de force, unique, and he as much.
    And who were we, to dare to disagree,
    Though no one ever knew of it, as such.
    It suited him, the fame, and all of that,
    And he enriched the club’s esprit de corps.
    A portraitist, assigned, he thusly sat;
    Bestowed on him the title of a, ‘Sir’.
    His masterpiece was hailed to great applause,
    While far and near, we searched, ’twas never found.
    In private hands? Who knows, one could suppose;
    A cult perhaps, who kept it underground?
    When passed away, he sallied forth with wit,
    “A masterpiece!” He laughed, and that was it.

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    Excellent, enjoyed the ending. Your wit and language always makes your work a joy to read


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      Sometimes the legend is greater than the reality. I'm with LG - enjoyed it very much.


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        Yes, I too agree!!!! Wonderful piece Professor !!!!!! The last two lines are priceless!!!!!!!


        • Rhymeboy
          Rhymeboy commented
          Editing a comment
          Happy New Year by the way

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        he sallied forth with wit,
        a Wildean skit
        no doubt, as such
        even in Saint-Germain-de-Pres
        wallpaper can prove too much

        Either this wallpaper goes or I do.” — Oscar Wilde.
        First of all, what he actually said was, “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death.