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    Happy New Year everyone and please enjoy this poem

    That's What the Plan Is ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    August 1775 : as part of the Continental Army's prevalence
    Virginia answered the call with numerous regiments
    From the very beginning in their copious design
    It fortified the army with the " Virginia Line " *
    The 1st Virginia was commanded by Colonel Patrick Henry **
    He was one of America's out spoken sentries
    By saying , " Give me liberty, or give me death! "
    A founding Father willing to give his last breath !
    Virginia's motto, " Sic Semper Tyrannis," adopted in 1776
    It adorns the State seal and defines it's politics
    " Thus Always to Tyrants " as it translates
    It's an embroidered symbol that illustrates
    Just like the start of the " Virginia Reel " dance
    We're ready to face the tyranny and take a stance
    Virginia's tourist logo is , " Virginia is for lovers "
    Something else is going on under the covers
    Mr. Northam wants to put a yoke on the " Old Dominion "
    And that really stinks in my opinion
    He has no regards to the " Common Wealth "
    I think he thinks he's " King Ralph "
    Talk about calling the kettle black
    He is most threatening in his verbal attacks
    I do pray for some common sense
    Because this whole mess reeks of pretense
    Love it or leave it Virginia is known as the " Birthplace of the nation "
    As we hold Jamestown the first English settlement in celebration
    It was the first of the 13 original colonies
    Just one more of it's Virtuous qualities !
    Last but not least , here 's another fact to hate
    Virginia's other nickname is the " Mother of the States "
    So why put her through all this and rattle the calm
    Is that anyway to treat your Mom ?
    Let's " Rally Behind the Virginians " once again ***
    Go out tomorrow and tell a friend
    She was there from the very beginning
    Let us heed fast to all these misgivings
    V is for victory and for Virginia
    Only the " wolf " is an enigma
    Nothing has changed , it all remains
    " Sic Semper Tyrannis , that's what the plan is "

    * In 1777 it included 13 other regiments with various independent companies and Guards
    ** Patrick Henry Born‎: ‎May 29, 1736; ‎Studley‎, ‎Colony of Virginia‎ . Died: June 6, 1799, Brookneal, VA
    *** Taken from the Confederate battle cry , “Look! There is Jackson standing like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!” , During the First Battle of Manassas , July 21, 1861
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