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  • Blind Eyes

    To the eyes of the believers
    There is a new god
    We kneel down
    We show our respect

    But the devotion isn't real
    Neither is the faith
    Yet they say otherwise
    They're only pretending

    They don't live in the same world as us
    They live in their own darkness
    Where they're forever lost
    In their own delusion

    Who is really your god, anyway?
    What kind of faith do you adjust to?
    Every ridiculous claim that you make
    Makes you an imposter

    Open your eyes to nonexistence
    See nothing

    Blind eyes following the light and fire
    Leading towards the gateway of shams
    Obtain knowledge and wisdom
    When there's nothing there
    You're forever lost in this darkness
    Try to open your eyes for once
    Or give them away

    Even if we do go blind
    By request, or against our will
    We're still able to believe
    We're still able to see
    The picture of a fake god in our minds

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    The one who wrote this poem is so creative and intelligent. Such an amazing piece of work. The lyrics in this poem are so meaningful and touching that they will take us for a deep thinking. Thank you for sharing this poem. Hostsailor
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