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Towards Freedom

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  • Towards Freedom

    It felt like agony
    To go through this strain
    I felt my heart aching
    And it spread to my veins

    From start to finish
    Where has the time went?
    Everything went so fast
    Surely it won't happen again

    I thought it was easy
    To feel the waves against me
    Over the course of days
    It overwhelmed me

    There was blood, sweat and tears
    Nevermind the stress
    I thought I'd be a goner
    But now I've made progress

    Pass out, before I can evolve
    Wouldn't be the best thing
    Despite these obstacles
    At least I've learnt something

    Know and analyse every mistake
    Reflect on the better times
    As I get over every mountain
    What other challenge may lie?

    When it's over
    When all is done
    I can reach for the summit
    Towards freedom