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Never Let Go

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  • Never Let Go

    We are drowning
    Drowning endlessly
    No chance of release

    I need you
    I need you just to live
    Please set my heart free

    We feel like we're falling
    Into the pit of despair
    Emotion won't save us

    I need you
    I need you just to stay alive
    Hold me close, in your trust

    We are moments away
    To a brutal, bloody end
    Hold me close, now
    Until the end

    Say that you care
    Say that you love me
    As well to show
    Hold me close, now
    Never let go

    Destruction wants us dead
    Potential victims to bury
    Not this time

    The longer we're together
    The longer we can survive
    As long as you're with me
    And I'm with you
    We can escape towards the light

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    I know it's upsetting Bry89 , but it seems to come with the territory. Please petition the admins to have a look and block the people who keep doing this. Thanks.