This poem is my response to what's going on in our govt. and the assault on our President .I pray their attempt to remove him fails miserably .I heard someone say that if anything he'd have an asterisk by his name for having been impeached in the House . Unfair as that may be , what's done is done. In no way shape or form will that keep me from supporting the President .I am hesitant posting this because I don't want to jinx anything. However I have faith , besides someone has to punch this punctuation permanently because when it comes around sometimes it's a pest Enjoy

Their Precious Punctuation * ( c ) Glen MItton 2019

May I direct your attention
To this tiny little star
This promoted denote
Is not with planet Mars
A noted annotation
It's character in text
Placed by a congregation
Conjured up like a hex
They need it on the record
As fast as they did try
Grabbing at the paper
Before the ink was dry
I'm sure they helped by blowing
Being careful not to rip
The water marks it's showing
Is spit from their feverish lips
It won't phase me in the least bit
If there is an " Asterisk " mark
It will only fuel me further
And embolden my embark
This wont stop me from voting
For our " Phantom Menace " Grace
A " wrench " thrown into the works
An " American Apple Pie " in their face
This is their badge of honor
They'll wear it on their lapels
Replacing the American Flag
Because they too think it smells
Imagine at their supper table
Bragging with stuffed mouths
I'm glad I will not to see it
The bits of food coming out
Wine glasses are being shattered
Toasting them in haste
It's oblivious nothing matters
Including all the waste
Their precious punctuation
Their " Hurried Hallmark " quest
They're like " Gollum " in that movie
Only they're a " MULTITUDE " of pests
Any circle of trust needs help
It's more than just a thing
You can grab onto it's circumstance
And become part of the ring
Interlock your arms in protection
With a colleague to ward off foes
We're all guilty of some weak link
And that's where evil goes
If you want too look for fairness
You don't have to go to far
Read about Roger Maris *
He hated that little star
His fan base didn't waver
" He earned that record clean "
Ford Frick didn't do him any favors **
The critics were ugly and mean
It's blatant in their actions
Concealment is the hitch
Drums of celebration are beating
But there is no Buddy Rich !
Proper Procedure Protocol
Who can argue with that ?
Where on earth are OUR good guys ?
Wearing ........ you know , " that hat " !
God forbid any innuendos
That's an evil mind not me
Look out when you're " signing ", " okay "
They'll think it's a " Nazi " three !
I had too reference another movie
Because Hollywood is compromised
The evil uses it's kinetic potential
Just some more words to be wise
Like , don't picnic below a boulder
Or swing to safety from a jungle vine
I learned that from getting older
And RESPECTING the elders mind
Uncle Sam and Auntie Am
Know this mockery is taboo
Our exodus from the excellence
Is worse than a parlor tattoo
Once it's penned , it's hard to remove
The evilness has US so entwined
Even our sworn DEFENDERS can't move
Next year at the ballot box
I hope to see his name
He really needs a breather
From this treachery that's insane
He can pick up right where he left off
Take some time to see the love
Know that we really DID pray for him
That he was sent from God above
It's ironic when I'm typing
I have to use the "shift "
Whenever I need to get to it
How's that for a twist ?
Anyway , Merry Christmas !
To all you friendly folks
Remember WHY we celebrate
Regardless of this joke
I hope we get some " justice " news
And we all get back to business
Because all this rhyming does amuse
As God is my witness
I like myself and I love this Country
And Donald , is my cup of tea !
Why bother with anything
"If you can't crack yourself up like me ! "
So from now on I'm gonna spell it
With 2 " S's " because all of this stinks
I'm going to spell it , A-S-S-T-E-R-I-S-K
Please tell me what you think

* Rodger Maris , baseball player played in the major leagues from 1957 to 1968 . He is best known for setting a new major league baseball single-season home run record with 61 home runs , in 1961 . Babe Ruth's record was 60 home runs in 154 games as opposed to 168 the number of games that Maris played in when the league changed it in 1961 . remained unbroken until 1998.
** In 1961, baseball's American League expanded its schedule from 154 games to the current 162. As Roger Maris closed in on Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record of 60, commissioner Ford Frick declared that Ruth’s record would stand if not broken by the Yankees’ 154th game and should Maris break the mark or tie Ruth after that, the records would be treated separately.