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The Isolate

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  • The Isolate

    The Isolate

    From the box of bright lights

    So white its angels blind

    Somewhere in the abyss

    Of an isolated mind

    A pox on war and envy

    Blessings to hate and fear

    Whether or not you see him

    The isolate is here

    God wastes those sorry sinners

    Just shadows of the world

    They die out and leave nothing

    But a tapestry unfurled

    There’s a monster in these mirrors

    He was right here he was

    A mirror tries to let us see ourselves

    But never, ever does

    I’ve spent some time talking to

    The pictures on these walls

    And then the paint, then bricks, then foundations

    Until there’s nothing there at all

    I’m fishing for reflections that

    Die when I cast stones

    I’m waiting for the rippling man

    To leave me all alone

    The isolate in the cell

    Created by his mind

    Who escapes and falls to hell

    Where no demons can he find

    The isolate hears rhythmic patterns

    Falling slightly offbeat

    Its subtlety is terrifying

    It my soul has defeat

    I need food, so I’m hunting

    The shadow of our death

    Every time I take a bite

    It takes away my breath

    I’ve been left deaf, dumb, and lame

    Also blinded by their lies

    I feel stabs of freezing needles

    Buttoning up my eyes

    I smell rotten eggs and plastic

    Burning like my heart

    I taste blood rushing out my throat

    Before I can get smart

    With ideals to become rich

    I play a dirty game

    I waste my life and death gambling

    For infamy or fame

    Just a flash of the hands

    And a quick flash of the blade

    I rip out from his chest

    Not a heart but a spade

    I’ve wasted all my money now

    This everlasting light

    Seems to become dim

    In the canvas of the night

    From a dirty mirror stares back

    The isolate, suicidal

    He’s gotten all his love know

    He is the people’s idol

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    RhymeZone Forums was extremely important to me. When I joined the site – in April 2016 – I was truly humbled that so much talent would accept a Simple Rhymer. However, a few months ago I decided to pull away due to – what I felt – was an abundance of SPAM postings and comments.

    Recently, I was asked to become a Moderator to assist the other Moderators – and Administrators - in combating these SPAM postings and comments. It was my honor to enthusiastically accept.

    I pledge to take the time to review the site daily (multiple times) and take appropriate action when necessary. I thank you for your contributions, and if you are considering withdrawing your talents – or have already done so – I sincerely hope you will reconsider.

    My email address is [email protected] if you have any concerns regarding material posted to RhymeZone Forums.