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  • Demise

    Over the course of time
    I've become a wreck
    Not the same I was before
    It's a side effect

    I thought I had a dream
    And perhaps a future
    But now the wounds have opened
    And it's too late to suture

    I'm like a caged animal
    Just wanting to be free
    The more I pace up and down
    The more my insides bleed

    I have become a burden
    On others, let alone myself
    If anything I'd rather die
    Than be taken to a new hell

    There can never be hope
    For what's already broken
    To only dream of hate and despair
    It's a darker emotion

    Maybe I had intended
    To let things go this way
    No matter how this will end
    My life is over anyway

    I feel it coming
    I feel it breathing, inside
    I feel it coming
    I feel it killing me inside
    Waiting for my own demise

    Don't save me
    Just let me die
    The candle against the wind
    Just let me die