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  • Dreamcatcher.

    Stealing through the open window
    The traveller of the night draws near
    Gliding silent to the bedside
    Bends and whispers in your ear
    Lift your head from sleepy pillows
    Come, we go to fair Arcadia
    Here neath falling fronds of willow
    A spinning wheel, to weave a dream
    Two golden threads of cherished memories
    A ribbon that tied a true loves hair
    Four strands which bind desires together
    Spin the twisted web with care
    Pull aside the shadow shrouds
    Hitch a ride on gossamer clouds
    Through a thousand stars we climb
    Travelling the winding road of time
    Here in these Elysian Fields
    Of butter yellow and misty greens
    Choose from all the countless pleasures
    Pick the velvet rose of dreams
    The die is cast, the choice is made
    Breathe deeply from the perfumed flower
    To wander through the land of wishes
    Until the calling waking hour.