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A Brand New Dawn

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  • A Brand New Dawn

    A Brand New Dawn

    A brand new dawn

    Of our desire

    A brand new sea

    A brand new fire

    As the light shines

    On the tundra

    And melts the frost

    And ends the thunder

    My discourse with

    God in heaven

    Has left me fearful

    Of the seven

    But brand new dawns

    Have cleared my head

    This is not

    The end, the end

    Another lonely day

    That I should pray to see the morrow

    Come and steal away my sorrow

    In its impossible way

    In the lonely chasms

    Of grey and lifeless dreams

    Of the many tears and seams

    Of our believable phantasm

    Another lonely day

    Like a worm with its aggression

    Laying in hollow obsession

    With nothing else to say

    A brand new madness in the air

    While all the birds will flock my way

    Yet leave me one more lonely day

    Of hopeless, bleak despair

    A brand new madness in the sky

    That I am writhing with distortion

    That I am riddled with contortion

    My body lying out to fry

    A Manor fraught with haunts and fright

    I cry that I am living here

    To my blood, I am too near

    My dawn has too soon met the night

    A brand new madness in the sky

    That I am once more plagued with beetles

    That I am poked with pins and needles

    Until there is no asking why

    Take thy life within me out

    I need not any solidarity

    Leave me in my gross vulgarity

    My being’s in its own blackout

    A raging fire, my desire

    I’ve since given in to ire

    Why’re we so independent

    As to say we needn’t love

    I’ve seen my soul a barren wasteland

    Bombs keep dropping on its heartland

    Faces stand to say that they have seen

    The final turtle dove

    A brand new dawn is here for me

    My body needn’t sear for me

    Fear for me no more, my being

    Now is safe at last

    But I’m back to this world

    Were my private hell unfurled

    Swirled around in my brain

    That moment will for many years to pass

    The world of man’s in twilight

    We must replace the murdered skylight

    Why light up the world when you

    Are followed close by shadow

    Lay me to rest in the flower bed

    Let them steal the thoughts from my head

    Dead are the dancing visions

    I have sadly come to know

    Let me stop my search for truth

    This was only in my youth

    Forsooth it lasted short

    Not seconds lying on the lawn

    But now I sleep eternally

    The killers that slew internally

    Burn for me and their sins

    And my death the brand new dawn