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They Danced Upon my Grave

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  • They Danced Upon my Grave

    They danced upon my grave

    They danced upon my grave

    All the ravens in the back-way

    Saving, though they see its mayday,

    All the people they have known

    I wish that I could see them

    Thank them for what they have done

    “Please,” they’d say, “give me a gun

    So I can fill my brain with lead”

    All the horror I have witnessed

    Though how soon there was the zero

    I’ve seen harbinger and hero

    Leave their children at the door

    So blessed in internment

    Safe from flesh and melting fire

    Far from passion and desire

    Freezing in the home they know

    They danced upon my grave

    All the pure and righteous sinners

    All the enders and beginners

    Take their seats upon the throne

    And the wine keeps flowing inland

    From one evil to another

    Poison from brother to brother

    And the rain inside their head

    Hugging for the death of monsters

    People rejoicing in the alley

    Fading fast into the tally

    Of the bearers of war

    So blessed indistinction

    The diversity to stay

    Just one is cast away

    Away from the lives they grow

    They danced upon my grave

    I have seen It, I have lived it

    The hope of freedom, free men gyved it

    With the rope with which they hang

    “Oh, the hand of death approaches”

    People yelled at falling reaper

    The death angel and the sleeper

    Played their ghostly harpsichord

    The specters hear the music

    They forget those that they’re shunning

    The haunts of life and death come running

    To the dull and fragile blade

    And the music turns up louder

    Violinists in the shroud

    There’s a flutist in the crowd

    Who hoped to run from all the psalms

    Indeed the music was delightful

    All the people Jesus save

    Ah yes they danced upon my grave

    And will die out without a bang

    Just fade into the memory

    Such a cold and barren place

    For a man to show his face

    And death to tell him no accord

    The love today died with us

    This is the end of the new start

    A resolution’s bleeding heart

    With only love for those who’re paid

    They danced upon my grave

    And gave me tears and fears and sorrow

    Took away the golden morrow

    And replaced it with the bomb