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Sadly Another Doping , Literally

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  • Sadly Another Doping , Literally

    Sadly Another Doping , Literally ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019
    - Counting down to destruction -

    We already have the laws in place
    Some people should get out of our face
    Here's a hint but I wont name names
    They're going to drive us all insane
    You think the doomsday clock is a disgrace
    THEY want to launch us into outer space

    Breadlines - 10
    Deadliest - 9
    cradling - 8
    Padlock - 7
    Deadly - 6
    Sadly - 5
    Sadl - 4
    Ado - 3
    Ad - 2
    A - 1

    When you are tricked by evil minds
    You find yourself in breadlines
    Promised lies and falsehood readiness
    This form of tyranny is the deadliest
    In the shadow of their evil cradling
    Behind their back they are labeling
    It's too late when they secure the padlock
    You have to deal with the aftershock
    The rhetoric song is their evil medley
    Just like " Homers Sirens " it is deadly
    Celebrating they stir the pot gladly
    They add to it whatever and we watch watch sadly
    Sadl , my acronym for " sadly another doping literally "
    This " injected " thinking will fail us miserably
    In the their adherent deliberate ado
    It is easy to confuse and subdue
    Bombarded daily , it is quite mad
    Eager to post their " wanted " ad
    Getting past the guard , sensors or doorman
    "A ", that's the first step in any plan !

    I know this sounds a little weird
    This is how some are geared
    If we lose sight of the evil agenda
    It wont matter if we're tough or tender
    The teeth in THEIR cogs CRUSH not MESH
    They way it's easier to fry that pound of flesh !

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    That last line was suppose to be , That way it's easier to fry that pound of flesh .Sorry about that I guess I can't make dinner and feed the dog and rhyme at the same time


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      You know you can edit that, right? Just reopen the post (double click in the text area when it comes up, make your changes, and re-save. Good luck.

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    This is a really interesting piece. I hope I have time to revisit it because I want to study not only the subject matter, but construction. Cool.