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  • Numbers Arabian script

    Numbers, Arabian script, cause me to sip
    Of the bottle, my feet I slip

    Sinking feeling I had then,
    When the boat did yawl and shake
    What navigator could know

    That the time was when
    The pigs do fly around the lake
    Or when hell freezes in snow

    The mythos of the number ten
    Which Is nothing but a make and brake
    Fake, numerologic nothing at stake
    I am just A Number here below.

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    Sounds as if odds were not favored for you in this nautical endeavor. But what I know about sailing is "zero" - so is there another reference I'm missing? I like the way it reads aloud.


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      thanks It is more mathematical than nautical. I was thinking of our numbers and arithmetic coming form the golden arab ages.


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        Sincerity is a soul dancing in the rain, breathing in the ozone of life ...


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          Arabic numerals are the traditional name for the ten characters used in most countries to record numbers in the decimal positional notation system. The word "Arabic numerals" was formed historically because the decimal positional notation system came to Europe through the Arab countries. However, the digits used in the Arab countries of Asia and Egypt are very different in style from those used in European countries. And if you believe in the magic of numbers, you can find out the meaning of 222 at