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  • Weapon

    To all my enemies
    I wish death on all of you
    I hope this will be the last time
    I hear from you

    You saw me as weak
    But looks can be deceiving
    What lurks inside is a hidden force
    To leave you all bleeding

    The scars you left me
    Always make me think of you
    The cruelty replays in my mind
    I can't forget you
    I can't forgive you

    And now, it's the time
    Where I will let it all out
    This self-absorbed world
    That all of you live in
    Feel it crashing down

    I am the power of revenge
    I am the weapon against all evil
    And you can't stop me

    A grim reflection on the events that unfolded at Virginia Tech, over twelve years ago. Nothing else.