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The World Turns Round

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  • The World Turns Round

    People fighting, blood spilling
    Chaos every day
    Mothers dying, souls crying
    Reality in disarray

    Conflicts starting, war raging
    Worldwide breaking news
    Tensions growing, evil forming
    I can't believe it's happening
    I can't believe it's true

    But it doesn't concern me
    Because there are better days
    The world turns round, anyway

    Anger building, enemies in making
    Forever, harmony is broken
    Eyes glaring, no sign of clearing
    A blacker emotion

    Crimes increasing, egos inflating
    It happens all the time
    Forcing to know, forcing to believe
    By television flickering
    I just don't care
    I don't want this in my life

    Because it doesn't concern me
    When there are better days
    As their lives end in misfortune
    The world turns round, anyway

    Don't force me to believe
    Don't force me to know
    As long as things are fine
    At my neck of the woods
    My life is whole