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Unnecessary Violence

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  • Unnecessary Violence

    Fly into a rage and bludgeon love
    Unnecessary violence
    My god, look what you have done
    Your callous mind in silence

    Show compassion for the fallen
    Empty tears from blackened eyes
    She didn't deserve this harsh penalty
    She didn't deserve to die

    You failed to ever control your fists
    Anger had spoken loud before real thought
    As you have killed for an easier solution
    May all beauty putrefy and rot

    What has gotten to your mind, young man?
    What has your mother ever taught you?
    Disrespect and violence only darkens the soul
    Now, no one wants to know you

    Your quiet, peaceful world
    Will never be the same again
    Can't believe you'd become like this
    A coward amongst other men

    You resorted to violence
    Just to find a way out
    Memories broken, blood on your face
    Life's already crashing down


    Something for "White Ribbon Day" as I call it, even though I originally wrote this days after it.