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  • june247
    What is a loop? I heard about this word in the programming language like while loop, do loop. features of b2c business model In this article, the author shares a song about the loop. Thanks for this article and it is very informative.

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  • Bry89
    started a topic The Loop

    The Loop

    I'm caught in the loop
    I can't get out
    Lost in this space
    Lost in doubt

    Get me out of this
    Before I break
    This long repetition
    Of endless pain
    I cannot take

    I have lost ground
    Am I to blame?
    Say it's bad luck
    Say it's a mistake

    Losing myself
    When there can be hope
    Stuck in this repetition
    Of endless pain and suffer
    In this point of breaking
    I'm failing to cope

    Never get out
    Never get out
    Going round in circles
    The circle of death
    Never get out
    Never get out

    Never get out

    I see the same old faces
    I see the same kind of walls
    I see my life spinning out of control
    Break me out of this circle
    Before I crash and fall

    Based on a horrible part of my life that thankfully is now a thing of the past.