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Fluorine in my water

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  • Fluorine in my water

    Here goes a little rant....

    Have a drink of fluorine water
    Saves the teeth or so they say
    But did they ask permission before the pollution
    And fire blows out your tap?
    Fracking is needed? What a bunch of crap
    No I did not ask for more medicine to day
    I did not ask or give my rights away
    And why are you so concerned with my cavities?
    And not with fluorosis, osteoporosis and bone cancer?
    Is it fun to smoke cigarettes if your doctor blesses them
    Is I cool to binge drink alcohol because it is cheaper
    And there is nothing on tv today worth watching?
    Have a drink of fluoridated water.
    No one I know asked my permission
    I was totally left out of their decision
    Why not add some penicillin to the reservoirs
    Add some vitamins at all the bars
    For our own good,, in the hood.
    While I am complaining
    About the question of who is reigning
    And controlling this beast
    Don’t rain on my feast
    Or party as you decide to spray my skies
    When no one dares ask the whys,
    The Harvard egg heads can make a solar shield
    And experiment with jets dumping aluminum in my eyes
    To save the planet from global warming
    While we are conforming and the future is storming
    Over the horizon in the golden fields of utopia.

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    Most excellent rant poem. Why, indeed?