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  • Apocalypso

    How many times do I have to say?
    You are teaching error in an apocalyptic epileptic way
    You must make the ears of God himself so tired
    Excusing your life style by political prophets, paid and hired
    Your end times rapture tickets all ready to go
    Apocalyptic epileptic fear mongers? Just say no !
    So easy for the good heart to relapse
    You need to buy my tape to have the faith
    Signs of blood moons, money meltdown nuclear bombs away
    Mushroom clouds, virus plagues, will wipe a third of the world away
    Now you have to prepare to close the doors of your heart
    And hide all your survival weapons away
    As hearts grow cold and shun the infidel in a loving way
    Because all eyes are on his imminent return
    Let the rest of the sinners writhe in pain and burn
    Apocalyptic panic keeps me looking up,
    Apocalypse hysteria fear cults control the masses
    Abusers, pedophiles watch your asses.
    With one finger on the red button another in your pocket.
    Time to stop supporting Isabel and building the silver rocket.
    All in the name of Jesus and what he stands for
    A bomb, a war plane or energy weapons
    Listen to your false prophets on the radio for the latest date
    When the Lord will whisk you wussies out of the land of hate
    Hate to the sin, and the new age communists or Muslim spore.
    Hate all the enemies all around your door
    Paranoia apocalypse party, who can ask for more
    Epileptic apocalyptic end times crap.
    All that do not support Isabel will get a good God slap.
    Falling from the skies like revelation in your lap
    While your waiting and hoping, do not take a nap
    Last times are here since two thousand years, since the cross
    No need to freak out, every day you do is just a loss
    To live is Christ and to die is Gain
    It’s a win, win game. There is no pain
    No more torture of last days and the later rain
    Joel’s armies military march to a new world order
    Carving new grooves into your brain, Drano down the drain.
    SO, you just forget compassion and helping out your homeless brother?
    Or binding the wounds of so many a bleeding mother?
    Food on your plate don’t forget the starving in countries like Africa, India or another
    From Syria to Darfur, From the poor in central Amerika
    To the millions of forgotten right here, they need your understanding
    Get your head our of your false Christian star gazing butts
    Stop following the sky is falling post- Christian nuts
    Predictors, Nostradamus prognosticators, transmitters of fear, sphincters
    Talking head pastors in prophecy clubs, speaking for the devil
    Making the big mullah and driving in the BMW
    Corrupt and comfy glass cathedrals,
    Paid by your tithe donations at every level.
    Placing doubt and worry and judgement in every ear
    Driven by their self-made apocalyptic career.
    DO you even know Revelation is about revealing Christ?
    Or Apocalypse means taking away the vail not putting it back on?
    Waiting, waiting for the end till your too old and your life is all gone?
    Instead relax live Christ and wipe away every tear.
    Do good and act kind to all that come near
    The kingdom of God is not some day, if you want it, it is already here
    Give to those that need today and let tomorrow take care of itself
    Imagine a world where Christian countries really shared their wealth
    Instead of used the Bible for a war strategy, denying so many of their freedom and health
    To live is Christ and what would He do here on earth
    Never mind what He did do to give you new birth.
    To die is gain, a sure end of the world for what it is worth.
    No more epileptic apocalypse or revelation of johns lies
    No more LSD vision or more hyper spiritual beast
    But a loving Jesus who invited you to His feast

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    Can really feel the heat of your passion coming through in this one. "Apocalyptic epileptic" is one considerable mouthful of syllables, but the meaning of the two together is great!

    Will we be ready? Are we ready now? Can anyone event tell by our actions? Great questions to ponder.