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    Playing around with Spanish
    Here is a poem called Books
    Quién sabe si habrá libros allí.
    Me gusta tener tiempo para leerlos todos.
    Compartir las páginas con todos vosotros
    Los pondría donde nos miraran fijamente.
    Pedirnos que las leamos con paciencia
    Pero ellos sólo se sientan ahí
    recogiendo polvo en sus espaldas
    con palabras hemorrágicas de cada página
    Marcadores y papel plegado, bibliotecas
    fila tras fila, apilados a lo alto, ,
    las tapas que huelen a mosto
    quien sabe de los tesoros de los antiguos
    e historias olvidadas, tan olvidadas
    Colocados detrás de puertas de madera
    silencio y refugio en un santuario interior,
    tan silencioso, tan silencioso
    para poder leer y leer de nuevo

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    I breathe - and that means I love! I love - and, therefore, I live!


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      Just a comment fasteel , not a criticism. I'm working on several other languages too, also in hopes of diversifying my poetic postings.

      For future reference, forum rules of the Rhymezone, specifically #8, explain this is an English speaking forum, and request that all posts be in English. Thanks.


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        My RHyme loving writer. Your rule is understood but I wonder if there is a similar forum in Spanish. I saw that this web site has a Spanish rhyming tool so I just threw it in thinking there were some Iberophones around.

        But here is the translation into English
        Who knows if there'll be books there.
        I like to have time to read them all.
        Share the pages with all of you
        I'd put them where they'd stare at us.
        Ask us to read them patiently
        But they just sit there
        collecting dust on their backs.
        with hemorrhagic words from each page
        Markers and folded paper, libraries
        row after row, stacked high, ,
        the tapas that smell like must
        who knows the treasures of the ancients
        and forgotten stories, so forgotten
        Placed behind wooden doors
        silence and refuge in an inner sanctuary,
        so silent, so silent
        to be able to read and read again


        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
          Editing a comment
          I feel sure a similar forum exists. How about it zone poets? We're an international bunch. Anyone want to point fasteel in that direction?

          Or maybe that rule is outdated and needs to be changed?

          Either way, for those like me who are still hopelessly tied to a single language, I appreciate your translation into mine.

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        It lost the rhyme in translation but you got the gist by deep l translate


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          mu other project is French since I am now an American living in Quebec with a francophone wife. In the winters I wonder why I did not learn Spanish LOL