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Invasion of the cones

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  • Invasion of the cones

    Creeping across the nation

    Alien Cone-urbations

    Road works is their traffic dream

    I-conic a cone I scream

    Red, amber, green, oration

    Red and white striped formation

    Highway invaders metro

    Line dance to a contra flow

    Car wars diesel feel the force

    Petrol menace can’t endorse

    Electric power awakens

    Plug into to refill station

    Empire storm trooper dullards

    Act as mere traffic bollards

    Signs warn of revenge ahead

    Queue destiny, future dread.

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    Cool. I like the imagery and play on words "I scream" But most of all Here in Quebec orange cones have taken over and closed many exits.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      they are everywhere

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    I agree with fasteel - your word choices and placement promote great imagery here Jon - even of a scene we're weary to witness.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you imissed the opportunity to write an I-conic poem though

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    Each cone cannot contain ice-cream
    from Mr Whippy's dream machine
    so take your tarmacadam slow
    as you slalom to and fro