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Internal Deliberations

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  • Johntee
    Me and Mine
    Thee and Thine
    Words that unwind
    to The Dance of Time

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  • Jazzy G
    commented on 's reply
    I totally, agree. It is rather unfortunate at times and in some cases we must put our pride or self righteousness behind and just coexists. As you say life is just too short and tomorrow is never promised.

  • Jazzy G
    commented on 's reply
    Hit the nail on the head here RhymeLovingWriter! Funny you mention, I am not sure where my fascination with the old time language has come from. But it is a personal preference of mine. Thankz for the comment and I also need to develop my vocabulary of olden time language more, so that I can better enhance my poetic skills with it making it more powerful and diverse. Appreciate you!

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    I get the message - and it's a good one - look first to the plank in your own eye before calling out the splinter in your neighbor's eye.

    The frequent use of "thy" reads as formal to my ear. I've noticed it in other pieces you've done.

    Is this personal preference, followed for effect or in format of a particular style? I've a lot to learn yet about poetry and am interested in your choices. Thanks.

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  • Jacob

    I still have not understood why people are angry with each other for a long time. Life is so unforgivably short. Be courageous and write, call, meet, before it is too late.

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  • Jazzy G
    commented on 's reply
    Yes, it is. Glad you enjoyed it, definitely a reflection of a stressful time for someone close to me. Hard heads can make for a hard time sometimes, but we all must prevail you know? Thankz for the response/comment Muttado1sb !

  • Muttado1sb
    I read this and thought it an interesting thought piece of a poem, then went back and noticed the title and it made me rethink, is this the mind of a very troubled person? Still an interesting thought piece, but now in a different perspective. Nice, Jazzy!

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  • Jazzy G
    started a topic Internal Deliberations

    Internal Deliberations

    Sometimes thy must prevail against thyself...
    The love that is encased inside may at times reach to arms that don't reveal themselves to thee..
    And we must analyze such situations, leaving be..

    But thy loyalty may consume thyself transcending at times and we must unveil ourselves reaching out
    from the curse thy have submerged thyself inside

    Consumed, but sane may make a man feel alienated
    But in reality it is those who don't accept such divine wisdom that have alienated themselves
    Jealousy and envy can make some have ignorant ideologies, but we must remove the walls we build around ourselves
    These walls which make us have an everlasting desire to uplift the ones who wish not receive that help

    Love and loyalty,

    Fortune and Gratitude,

    It is sometimes too great for others to accept, but we must not consume ourselves with those who are blinded
    And those who envy the well being of their counterparts

    Cursed.., but thy cannot downgrade thyself due to the shortcomings some may exhibit
    Making them inhospitable, inept

    A curse which is one that must be overcome or risk consuming thyself in the envy which we try to revert
    It is unfortunately not a reality which others always accept or submit to
    First and Foremost understanding thys own profiles is imminent before accepting,
    processing the inane mannerisms of others

    Painful it is.., but an ignorance which must be conqured

    Light at the end of the tunnel asking to be grasped,
    But is hidden in seclusion
    By those whose inane havenots provide barrier thwarting their own enlightenment