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  • Fairground

    Come with me on this sunny day
    To the Fair down Dingle Way
    Holding hands on the village green
    To live again our childhood dreams

    There’s Hoopla rings to pitch and toss
    Hot meat pies and candyfloss
    Sizzling doughnuts all deep fried
    Roustabouts, dark and gypsy eyed

    Old folk under the Cedar arch
    Tap their feet to a Souza march
    Shouts and laughter, girly screams
    Oily smells and spouting steam

    I show my strength and ring the bell
    We climb upon the Carousel
    Holding tight to the twisted bars
    We steal a kiss under bulb lit stars

    Headlights probe the winding tarmac
    Down the lane, across the track
    May time evening, twilight birdsong
    So blessed to be where we belong

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    “I took a trip down to look at the fair
    When I arrived, I found nobody there”
    from the song “A Trip to the Fair” by Renaissance

    Very nice, Cari! You had me walking down the midway!


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      Pleasant memories bring sweetest dreams. Nicely captured slice of life!


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        An idyll from
        a time of mind
        where rare delights
        were still to find