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    I've been slacking with writing but this is just a random thing I wrote with some downtime at work. Getting back in to regularly writing. Look at me being self indulgent and emo lol

    Yet another attempt,
    Will it finally stick?
    Or will it reform (if it even gets that far) back to those all too familiar ruts of destruction?
    A sick comfort from the chaos and dysfunction seems to line this bedding,
    Does the drive always come from desperation?
    Is there any other way?
    Nothing is clear as of now,
    It's unknown abyss in all directions but a faint hum lures me closer and closer until it's too late...
    Trapped in the barbed web,
    It's seemingly less painful to go deeper and lean into the skewering than the pain of ripping ones entire body outright to shreds,
    It all ends in shreds one way or the other,
    A slippery slope covered with razor blades,
    Vapid depletion,
    Slow grinding descent,

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    I understand, in a way. Most of my easiest writing comes from a place of strong emotion - at the high or low end of the spectrum. The in-between times get lost a lot.

    Everything I read about writing has an underlying message of just keeping at it - whatever words spring up or out or around the life we live.

    Glad you made it back to the zone.


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      To pile on
      RLW's line
      keep penning
      through the pain